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AjaxLoader +Allows to make parts of wikipages AJAX-loadable.  +
AllNsSuggest +Search suggestion from all namespaces (more convenient than the default).  +
AllowGetParamsInWikilinks +Allows to use URL parameters (?key=value) in internal wiki links.  +
AnyWikiDraw +Support of a special Java applet to insert drawings on wiki pages.  +


BatchEditor +Mass editing of wiki pages using regular expression or just string replacements.  +
BugzillaBuglist +Insert a configured user's saved searches from Bugzilla using a tag.  +


Calendar +Improved calendar for MediaWiki. Each event / day with events is stored on a wiki page.  +
CatCatGrouping +Addon for [[CategoryTree]]. 'Tag-like' grouping for category pages — based on other categories of listed pages. Also allows to disable 3-column lists in categories.  +
CategoryTemplate +Allows to easily create pages in category, optionally using a preload template 'Template:Category:XXX'.  +
CategoryTree +AJAX-expandable category trees on [[Special:CategoryTree]] and category pages themselves.  +
CategoryWatch +Sends e-mail notifications when pages are added to watched category.  +
CharInsert +Configuration of frequently used wiki code constructs using <tt><charinsert></tt> for [[MediaWiki:Edittools]]. See also [[UserMessage]], [[CharInsertList]].  +
CharInsertList +Similar to [[CharInsert]], but inserts drop-down lists instead of links (used to insert predefined text during edit).  +
CharInsertList/ru +Similar to [[CharInsert]], but inserts drop-down lists instead of links (used to insert predefined text during edit).  +
Cite +Support citations on Wiki pages using <tt><ref></tt> and <tt><references></tt> tags.  +
ConfirmEdit +Implementation of several [[rupedia:CAPTCHA|CAPTCHA]]s, including reCAPTCHA, for protect the wiki from spam bots.  +
CustisScripts +«Composite» extension: WikEd, Wikify russian, some WikiEditor buttons, <ref> tooltips, live auto-preview, openM3uVideo(), and some CSS styles.  +
CustomSidebar +Insertion of arbitrary wiki code into [[Mediawiki:Sidebar]] navigation panel.  +
CustomToolbox +Configuration of «Tools» panel via [[Mediawiki:Toolbox-content]].  +


DeleteBatch +Mass deletion of articles from [[Special:DeleteBatch]] special page.  +
Dia +Media handler for [ Dia] files.  +
DocExport +Simple exporting of wiki articles into text processors — M$ Word and  +
Drafts +Saving drafts during page editing so you don’t lose your work if you accidentally close the tab.  +
Duplicator +Create independent copies of pages, possibly with full edit histories and subpage support.  +


EnotifDiff +HTML email and ability to include diffs into watched page change notifications.  +
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