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This is a page snapshot, showing old (but not deleted) versions of images and templates.
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Extensions that were some time included in Mediawiki4Intranet distribution (and probably still are, or may be included some day).

Included extensions

Total: 84

  • Created: 43
  • Forks: 8
  • Bugs fixed / small improvements: 17
  • Backported: 0
  • Original: 13
Status 20px-Symbol thumbs up filled.svg.png Extension Created Included Description
Created 4 AjaxLoader 2016-06-01 2016-06-01 Allows to make parts of wikipages AJAX-loadable.
Created 4 AllNsSuggest 2011-05-13 2011-05-13 Search suggestion from all namespaces (more convenient than the default).
Fixed 3 AllowGetParamsInWikilinks 2009-04-27 2009-12-01 Allows to use URL parameters (?key=value) in internal wiki links.
Created 5 BatchEditor 2006-07-06 2008-10-14 Mass editing of wiki pages using regular expression or just string replacements.
Created 3 BugzillaBuglist 2010-11-12 2010-11-12 Insert a configured user's saved searches from Bugzilla using a tag.
Forked 3 Calendar 2008-12-09 2010-05-26 Improved calendar for MediaWiki. Each event / day with events is stored on a wiki page.
Created 3 CatCatGrouping 2012-11-20 2012-11-20 Addon for CategoryTree. 'Tag-like' grouping for category pages — based on other categories of listed pages. Also allows to disable 3-column lists in categories.
Created 5 CategoryTemplate 2009-03-25 2009-03-25 Allows to easily create pages in category, optionally using a preload template 'Template:Category:XXX'.
Fixed 5 CategoryTree 2006-07-26 2008-10-15 AJAX-expandable category trees on Special:CategoryTree and category pages themselves.
Fixed 4 CategoryWatch 2008-09-03 2016-05-31 Sends e-mail notifications when pages are added to watched category.
Original 5 CharInsert 2004-12-23 2008-10-15 Configuration of frequently used wiki code constructs using <charinsert> for MediaWiki:Edittools. See also UserMessage, CharInsertList.
Created 4 CharInsertList 2010-04-05 2010-04-05 Similar to CharInsert, but inserts drop-down lists instead of links (used to insert predefined text during edit).
Created 4 CharInsertList 2010-04-05 2010-04-05 Similar to CharInsert, but inserts drop-down lists instead of links (used to insert predefined text during edit).
Original 5 Cite 2005-11-26 2008-10-15 Support citations on Wiki pages using <ref> and <references> tags.
Original 5 ConfirmEdit 2006-11-01 2009-09-08 Implementation of several CAPTCHAs, including reCAPTCHA, for protect the wiki from spam bots.
Created 4 CustisScripts 2008-10-14 2008-10-14 «Composite» extension: WikEd, Wikify russian, some WikiEditor buttons, <ref> tooltips, live auto-preview, openM3uVideo(), and some CSS styles.
Created 3 CustomSidebar 2012-05-05 2012-05-05 Insertion of arbitrary wiki code into Mediawiki:Sidebar navigation panel.
Created 3 CustomToolbox 2011-12-06 2011-12-06 Configuration of «Tools» panel via Mediawiki:Toolbox-content.
Fixed 5 DeleteBatch 2008-07-01 2009-07-21 Mass deletion of articles from Special:DeleteBatch special page.
Forked 5 Dia 2007-10-31 2011-07-26 Media handler for Dia files.
Created 5 DocExport 2008-10-14 2008-10-14 Simple exporting of wiki articles into text processors — M$ Word and
Fixed 5 Drafts 2008-10-21 2009-06-15 Saving drafts during page editing so you don’t lose your work if you accidentally close the tab.
Fixed 4 Duplicator 2006-12-19 2013-05-29 Create independent copies of pages, possibly with full edit histories and subpage support.
Created 4 FavRate 2012-01-24 2012-01-24 Page rating system based on adding pages to «favorites» and allowing to view user’s favorites.
Forked 5 FlvHandler 2009-02-01 2009-09-09 Support inserting Flash video players onto wiki pages using normal image syntax. Supports FLV+MP3 or H.264+AAC codecs inside FLV or MP4 containers.
Fixed 3 FullLocalImage 2006-11-01 2009-09-08 fullimage:File and localimage:File parser functions which return file URL (absolute and relative, respectively).
Created 3 GlobalAuth 2010-07-21 2010-07-21 Simple custom SSO (single sign-on) protocol implementation.
Original 3 Google Analytics 2007-08-22 2010-01-14 Google Analytics page counter. Can be used on public wikis. Warning: extension license is unspecified.
Created 3 HttpAuth 2010-09-03 2010-09-03 Support HTTP basic authentication in MediaWiki.
Created 5 Interwiki 2007-11-21 2008-10-15 Interwiki prefix editor.
Created 5 IntraACL 2010-09-03 2010-09-03 Best page-specific rights extension for MediaWiki. It is based on HaloACL, correcting its endless bugs and inconveniences.
Created 4 LinkAutocomplete 2013-10-18 2013-11-13 Autocomplete internal links, templates and parser functions in page editing textarea.
Created 4 ListFeed 2009-07-30 2009-07-30 Simple RSS feed generation from wiki lists (* and #).
Created 3 LoginByEmail 2013-12-03 2013-12-03 Allows to login using their email instead of account name.
Forked 4 MagicNumberedHeadings 2007-09-06 2009-11-20 Magic words to switch heading numbering on/off regardless of user preferences.
Created 5 MarkupBabel 2006-06-29 2008-10-14 «Markup Babylon» — support for LaTeX, Graphviz, Gnuplot, UMLGraph and UMLet.
Created 3 MatchByPrefix 2011-12-16 2011-12-16 Redirects to an article by its prefix (if such a redirect is unambigious).
Original 5 MediaFunctions 2007-06-08 2009-10-24 Parser functions for getting file upload information.
Created 4 MediawikiQuizzer 2006-04-25 2008-10-14 Quiz for MediaWiki with simple test creation using natural language descriptions on wiki pages.
Created 4 MergeConflicts 2011-05-16 2011-05-16 Enhanced 3-column merge for Wiki editing.
Created 5 MMHandler 2009-11-02 2009-11-02 Media handler for FreeMind/FreePlane mindmap files (*.mm).
Fixed 4 Mp3Handler 2010-09-02 2011-11-18 Flash mp3 player used embedding of uploaded MP3 files.
Fixed 5 MsUpload 2015-12-13 Mass file upload, drag&drop and "paste from clipboard" support inside the edit page.
Created 4 MultiWikiSearch 2013-09-03 2010-09-03 Search multiple Wikis at once using API (Special:MultiWikiSearch), with support for shared user DB.
Created 4 NewPagesEx 2011-05-12 2011-05-12 Changes Special:NewPages for a tuned version with category selection, RSS caching and page text in RSS.
Created 3 NonOpenImages 2012-03-01 2012-03-01 «Images that someone forgot to open via IntraACL» special page.
Fixed 4 OpenID 2006-07-25 2009-05-15 Supports MediaWiki authentication using the buggy, but most popular single sign-on technology — OpenID.
Created 3 PageSnapshots 2012-09-20 2013-12-20 Shows 'snaphots' of article revisions, with old (but not deleted) versions of images and templates.
Created 5 ParserFunctions 2006-11-01 2008-10-15 Standard parser function - if, ifeq and so on, and also contains functions of an old StringFunctions extension.
Forked 5 PdfHandler 2007-08-18 2009-10-25 Media handler for PDF files. That is, it allows to upload, view and embed PDFs to Wiki pages just like images.... further results

Excluded extensions

Status Extension Created Included Excluded Exclusion reason
Fixed AnyWikiDraw 2007-05-29 2008-10-15 2011-02-09 Based on Java applet, inconvenient to use, abandoned by the authors.
Created EnotifDiff 2009-04-01 2009-04-01 2015-10-27 Ported into core as a patch series
Created ErrorMail 2012-04-10 2012-04-10 2015-11-05 MediaWiki core can log errors itself now
Original MultiCategorySearch 2008-01-23 2010-10-14 2011-06-27 Inconvenient, replaced by TemplatedPageList features.
Original PreferencesExtension 2007-08-07 2009-04-01 2011-02-08 Replaced by core functionality in 1.16.
Original reCAPTCHA 2007-05-22 2009-12-21 2011-04-07 Merged into ConfirmEdit.
Fixed SpecialForm 2007-10-01 2009-11-06 2015-11-27 Old and ugly; use Semantic Forms to make forms
Forked SphinxSearch 2007-09-21 2008-10-15 2015-10-20 Outdated and unused, replaced by SphinxSearchEngine
Original StringFunctions 2006-05-16 2008-11-17 2011-04-07 Merged into ParserFunctions.
Created SupaMW 2011-11-24 2011-11-24 2015-12-23 Replaced with MsUpload
Original SVNIntegration 2008-04-28 2009-06-18 2011-02-11 Very inconvenient to use, and typically useless for companies because repositories are closed, not public.
Created SWFUpload 2009-12-16 2009-12-16 2015-12-23 Replaced with MsUpload
Fixed Workflow 2007-10-06 2009-07-03 2015-10-20 Outdated, incompatible with 1.25+ and unused