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PageSnapshots is a MediaWiki extension, designed for: Shows 'snaphots' of article revisions, with old (but not deleted) versions of images and templates.

Full description


PageSnapshots — расширение MediaWiki, его назначение: Показывает 'снимки' старых ревизий статей, со старыми (но не удалёнными) версиями шаблонов и изображений.

Полная информацияPageSnapshots is a MediaWiki extension.

Status for Mediawiki4Intranet distribution:

  • Inclusion date: 2013-12-20
  • Included version: newest available
  • Improvement status: Created by MediaWiki4Intranet project


After installation, you'll see "| snapshot" link in each row of page history. Click it to view a snapshot of this page with corresponding old versions of images and templates. Note that the extension can't display images and templates that were renamed or removed, so avoid removing anything if you want to use snapshots in the future.


As usual, just add the extension in your LocalSettings.php:

require_once "$IP/extensions/PageSnapshots/PageSnapshots.php";