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AjaxLoader is a MediaWiki extension.

Status for Mediawiki4Intranet distribution:

  • Inclusion date: 2016-06-01
  • Included version: newest available
  • Improvement status: Created by MediaWiki4Intranet project


This extension adds two parser functions.

First is {{#request: parameter name}} which disables parser cache for the page and returns the raw value of a request parameter.

Second is {{#ajax: open text | close text | text after open/close link | page title | request parameters in URL form (a=b&c=d...) }} which inserts an initially collapsed ajax-loadable panel.

Example: {{#ajax: ► | ▼ | Title | CategoryPageList | category=SomeCategory }} or {{#ajax: Show details | Hide details | | CategoryPageList | category=SomeCategory }}.


As usual, add require_once into your LocalSettings.php.