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Extensions that were some time included in Mediawiki4Intranet distribution (and probably still are, or may be included some day).

Included extensions

Total: 86

  • Created: 43
  • Forks: 9
  • Bugs fixed / small improvements: 17
  • Backported: 0
  • Original: 13
  • Warning icon.svg icon means the extension is disabled in the base configuration.
Status 20px-Symbol thumbs up filled.svg.png Extension Created Included Description
Created 4 AjaxLoader 2016-06-01 2016-06-01 Allows to make parts of wikipages AJAX-loadable.
Created 4 AllNsSuggest 2011-05-13 2011-05-13 Search suggestion from all namespaces (more convenient than the default).
Fixed 3 AllowGetParamsInWikilinks 2009-04-27 2009-12-01 Allows to use URL parameters (?key=value) in internal wiki links.
Created 5 BatchEditor 2006-07-06 2008-10-14 Mass editing of wiki pages using regular expression or just string replacements.
Created 3 BugzillaBuglist 2010-11-12 2010-11-12Отключено в конфигурации по умолчанию Insert a configured user's saved searches from Bugzilla using a tag.
Forked 3 Calendar 2008-12-09 2010-05-26 Improved calendar for MediaWiki. Each event / day with events is stored on a wiki page.
Created 3 CatCatGrouping 2012-11-20 2012-11-20 Addon for CategoryTree. 'Tag-like' grouping for category pages — based on other categories of listed pages. Also allows to disable 3-column lists in categories.
Created 5 CategoryTemplate 2009-03-25 2009-03-25 Allows to easily create pages in category, optionally using a preload template 'Template:Category:XXX'.
Fixed 5 CategoryTree 2006-07-26 2008-10-15 AJAX-expandable category trees on Special:CategoryTree and category pages themselves.
Fixed 4 CategoryWatch 2008-09-03 2016-05-31 Sends e-mail notifications when pages are added to watched category.
Original 5 CharInsert 2004-12-23 2008-10-15 Configuration of frequently used wiki code constructs using <charinsert> for MediaWiki:Edittools. See also UserMessage, CharInsertList.
Created 4 CharInsertList 2010-04-05 2010-04-05 Similar to CharInsert, but inserts drop-down lists instead of links (used to insert predefined text during edit).
Created 4 CharInsertList 2010-04-05 2010-04-05 Similar to CharInsert, but inserts drop-down lists instead of links (used to insert predefined text during edit).
Original 5 Cite 2005-11-26 2008-10-15 Support citations on Wiki pages using <ref> and <references> tags.
Original 5 ConfirmEdit 2006-11-01 2009-09-08 Implementation of several CAPTCHAs, including reCAPTCHA, for protect the wiki from spam bots.
Created 4 CustisScripts 2008-10-14 2008-10-14 «Composite» extension: WikEd, Wikify russian, some WikiEditor buttons, <ref> tooltips, live auto-preview, openM3uVideo(), and some CSS styles.
Created 3 CustomSidebar 2012-05-05 2012-05-05 Insertion of arbitrary wiki code into Mediawiki:Sidebar navigation panel.
Created 3 CustomToolbox 2011-12-06 2011-12-06 Configuration of «Tools» panel via Mediawiki:Toolbox-content.
Fixed 5 DeleteBatch 2008-07-01 2009-07-21 Mass deletion of articles from Special:DeleteBatch special page.
Forked 5 Dia 2007-10-31 2011-07-26 Media handler for Dia files.
Created 5 DocExport 2008-10-14 2008-10-14 Simple exporting of wiki articles into text processors — M$ Word and
Fixed 5 Drafts 2008-10-21 2009-06-15 Saving drafts during page editing so you don’t lose your work if you accidentally close the tab.
Fixed 4 Duplicator 2006-12-19 2013-05-29 Create independent copies of pages, possibly with full edit histories and subpage support.
Created 4 FavRate 2012-01-24 2012-01-24 Page rating system based on adding pages to «favorites» and allowing to view user’s favorites.
Forked 5 FlvHandler 2009-02-01 2009-09-09 Support inserting Flash video players onto wiki pages using normal image syntax. Supports FLV+MP3 or H.264+AAC codecs inside FLV or MP4 containers.
Fixed 3 FullLocalImage 2006-11-01 2009-09-08 fullimage:File and localimage:File parser functions which return file URL (absolute and relative, respectively).
Created 3 GlobalAuth 2010-07-21 2010-07-21 Simple custom SSO (single sign-on) protocol implementation.
Original 3 Google Analytics 2007-08-22 2010-01-14 Google Analytics page counter. Can be used on public wikis. Warning: extension license is unspecified.
Created 3 HttpAuth 2010-09-03 2010-09-03 Support HTTP basic authentication in MediaWiki.
Created 5 Interwiki 2007-11-21 2008-10-15 Interwiki prefix editor.
Created 5 IntraACL 2010-09-03 2010-09-03 Best page-specific rights extension for MediaWiki. It is based on HaloACL, correcting its endless bugs and inconveniences.
Created 4 LinkAutocomplete 2013-10-18 2013-11-13 Autocomplete internal links, templates and parser functions in page editing textarea.
Created 4 ListFeed 2009-07-30 2009-07-30 Simple RSS feed generation from wiki lists (* and #).
Created 3 LoginByEmail 2013-12-03 2013-12-03Отключено в конфигурации по умолчанию Allows to login using their email instead of account name.
Forked 4 MagicNumberedHeadings 2007-09-06 2009-11-20 Magic words to switch heading numbering on/off regardless of user preferences.
Created 5 MarkupBabel 2006-06-29 2008-10-14 «Markup Babylon» — support for LaTeX, Graphviz, Gnuplot, UMLGraph and UMLet.
Created 3 MatchByPrefix 2011-12-16 2011-12-16 Redirects to an article by its prefix (if such a redirect is unambigious).
Original 5 MediaFunctions 2007-06-08 2009-10-24 Parser functions for getting file upload information.
Created 4 MediawikiQuizzer 2006-04-25 2008-10-14 Quiz for MediaWiki with simple test creation using natural language descriptions on wiki pages.
Created 4 MergeConflicts 2011-05-16 2011-05-16 Enhanced 3-column merge for Wiki editing.
Created 5 MMHandler 2009-11-02 2009-11-02 Media handler for FreeMind/FreePlane mindmap files (*.mm).
Fixed 4 Mp3Handler 2010-09-02 2011-11-18 Flash mp3 player used embedding of uploaded MP3 files.
Fixed 5 MsUpload 2015-12-13 Mass file upload, drag&drop and "paste from clipboard" support inside the edit page.
Created 4 MultiWikiSearch 2013-09-03 2010-09-03 Search multiple Wikis at once using API (Special:MultiWikiSearch), with support for shared user DB.
Created 4 NewPagesEx 2011-05-12 2011-05-12 Changes Special:NewPages for a tuned version with category selection, RSS caching and page text in RSS.
Created 3 NonOpenImages 2012-03-01 2012-03-01Отключено в конфигурации по умолчанию «Images that someone forgot to open via IntraACL» special page.
Fixed 4 OpenID 2006-07-25 2009-05-15 Supports MediaWiki authentication using the buggy, but most popular single sign-on technology — OpenID.
Created 5 PagedTiffHandler 2010-01-24 2011-01-14 TIFF image support.
Created 3 PageSnapshots 2012-09-20 2013-12-20 Shows 'snaphots' of article revisions, with old (but not deleted) versions of images and templates.
Created 5 ParserFunctions 2006-11-01 2008-10-15 Standard parser function - if, ifeq and so on, and also contains functions of an old StringFunctions extension.
Forked 5 PdfHandler 2007-08-18 2009-10-25 Media handler for PDF files. That is, it allows to upload, view and embed PDFs to Wiki pages just like images.
Fixed 5 PlantUML 2009-11-16 2010-08-03 Support PlantUML for drawing UML diagrams inside wiki.
Created 4 Polls 2008-10-14 2008-10-14 Simple voting system for MediaWiki.
Original 3 Polyglot 2007-03-26 2013-02-12 Simplifies multi-language support with automatic redirects based on current user interface language.
Created 4 PopupWhatlinkshere 2013-06-28 2013-06-28Отключено в конфигурации по умолчанию Show popup list of links to page.
Fixed 5 RegexParserFunctions 2007-05-11 2011-04-07 Parser function for regular expression search and replace.
Created 3 RemoveConfidential 2011-10-27 2011-10-27 Additional feature for our import-export patch — filtering of «confidential» data out of export files.
Created 5 Renameuser 2005-06-26 2010-10-05 User renaming with correct update of references in the DB.
Created 4 S5SlideShow 2010-02-09 2010-02-09 Simple, fast and convenient Wiki Slide Shows using S5.
Original 4 SemanticInternalObjects 2009-08-19 2012-12-12 N-ary (N > 2) semantic relationships.
Forked 3 SemanticMediaWiki 2006-08-22 2012-12-12 Associate semantic properties with wiki pages, and various features based on it.
Fixed 3 SemanticResultFormats 2015-11-26 Advanced #ask result formats for SemanticMediaWiki.
Created 3 Shortcuts 2011-08-29 2011-08-29 Prints shortest available link for each page in a green box.
Created 4 SimpleAntiSpamReg 2013-03-29 2013-03-29 Simple anti-spam protection of registration form.
Forked 3 SimpleForms 2007-04-25 2010-10-26 Creating/editing articles via a form. Refactored version.
Forked 5 SimpleTable 2006-05-19 2009-03-23 Simplified table syntax — <tab> tag.
Fixed 5 SlimboxThumbs 2010-09-09 2012-09-17 Lightbox extension for MediaWiki: displays full-size images with Slimbox 2 when clicking on thumbnails.
Created 4 Spoil 2013-03-27 2013-03-27 Allows to easily insert wikitext examples — i.e. the parsing result and source code of the same wikitext (in a hidden div).
Fixed 4 SVGEdit 2010-11-22 2010-11-25 Support editing uploaded SVG files directly in the browser using SVG-Edit JS editor.
Original 5 SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi 2007-04-03 2008-10-15 Syntax highlighting for most popular programming and markup languages using GeSHi.
Created 4 TemplatedPageList 2009-11-09 2009-11-09 Page listing extension. Similar, but better in some ways than DPL & company. Supports template output and special page UI.
Created 5 TikaMW 2012-09-03 2012-09-04 Search indexing of binary (MS Office, Open Office, PDF and other) documents uploaded into the Wiki using Apache Tika.
Created 4 TopCategoryLinks 2013-06-05 2013-06-05 Duplicates category links at the top of the page.
Fixed 3 UserMagic 2010-01-19 2010-01-19 Several magic words for getting user information.
Original 5 UserMerge 2007-07-27 2010-10-05 Merging and deleting user accounts with correct update of references in the DB.
Created 4 UserMessage 2010-03-25 2010-03-25 Individual per-user configuration of MediaWiki interface messages (for example: Edittools, Sidebar).
Created 3 UserPageByEmail 2012-03-05 2012-03-05Отключено в конфигурации по умолчанию Jump to user page if you know his email from Special:UserPageByEmail.
Original 3 Validator 2012-03-10 2012-12-12 Just a dependency of SemanticMediaWiki.
Original 3 Variables 2011-06-23 2012-12-13 Set and reuse variables on wiki pages.
Original 5 WhoIsWatching 2007-10-30 2010-10-05 Viewing/editing of watch lists for pages.
Created 4 WikiBookmarks 2009-12-03 2009-12-03 Maintain your online bookmark lists in MediaWiki using a bookmarklet.
Original 3 WikiCategoryTagCloud 2009-07-22 2010-10-05 Insert tag clouds on wiki pages using page categories as tags.
Fixed 5 WikiEditor 2010-09-15 2013-01-14 New editing panel with AJAX preview/diff support.
Created 4 WikiEditorInplace 2013-09-24 2014-01-27 Allows to edit article sections without reloading the page, by loading WikiEditor via JS.
Created 5 WikiKCaptcha 2013-03-27 2013-03-27 KCAPTCHA plug-in for ConfirmEdit extension.
Forked 5 Wikilog 2008-09-12 2009-07-08 Heavily improved blog and forum system for MediaWiki with hierarchical comments and other features.

Excluded extensions

Status Extension Created Included Excluded Exclusion reason
Fixed AnyWikiDraw 2007-05-29 2008-10-15 2011-02-09 Based on Java applet, inconvenient to use, abandoned by the authors.
Created EnotifDiff 2009-04-01 2009-04-01 2015-10-27 Ported into core as a patch series
Created ErrorMail 2012-04-10 2012-04-10 2015-11-05 MediaWiki core can log errors itself now
Original MultiCategorySearch 2008-01-23 2010-10-14 2011-06-27 Inconvenient, replaced by TemplatedPageList features.
Original PreferencesExtension 2007-08-07 2009-04-01 2011-02-08 Replaced by core functionality in 1.16.
Original reCAPTCHA 2007-05-22 2009-12-21 2011-04-07 Merged into ConfirmEdit.
Fixed SpecialForm 2007-10-01 2009-11-06 2015-11-27 Old and ugly; use Semantic Forms to make forms
Forked SphinxSearch 2007-09-21 2008-10-15 2015-10-20 Outdated and unused, replaced by SphinxSearchEngine
Original StringFunctions 2006-05-16 2008-11-17 2011-04-07 Merged into ParserFunctions.
Created SupaMW 2011-11-24 2011-11-24 2015-12-23 Replaced with MsUpload
Original SVNIntegration 2008-04-28 2009-06-18 2011-02-11 Very inconvenient to use, and typically useless for companies because repositories are closed, not public.
Created SWFUpload 2009-12-16 2009-12-16 2015-12-23 Replaced with MsUpload
Fixed Workflow 2007-10-06 2009-07-03 2015-10-20 Outdated, incompatible with 1.25+ and unused