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Simple command line utility for downloading audio podcasts from given list.

The format of podcasts list is consistent with MediaWiki markup,

;directory-to-download: url-of-podcasts-rss

Here in sample: /sample

This list can be in file, or located somewere in web.


Usage: podcasts_downloader.exe [options]

 -h, --help            show this help message and exit
 -s URL, --source-url=URL
                       URL for source list with podcasts
 -t DIRECTORY, --target-dir=DIRECTORY
                       Target directory
                       Http proxy in standard format
 -n regexp for exclude proxy, --no-proxy=regexp for exclude proxy
                       exclusion list for proxy

For example,

podcasts_downloader -s http://wiki.4intra.net/Podcasts_Downloader/sample?action=raw