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TemplatedPageList is a MediaWiki extension.

Status for Mediawiki4Intranet distribution:

  • Inclusion date: 2009-11-09
  • Included version: newest available
  • Improvement status: Created by MediaWiki4Intranet project


This is Yet Another Page Listing extension. It is similar to DynamicPageList & company (Intersection / Wikimedia’s DPL, 3rd party’s DPL, SubPageList, SubPageList2, SubPageList3, etc), but the code is simpler and the functionality is more advanced.

Initially, it was just an improved SubPageList2. Then it survived several feature additions and refactorings (previous authors probably were C-coders and big lovers of rounding integers (round(intval($options['count'])))).


  • (Main feature) <subpagelist> tag produces a simple or templated list of pages selected by dynamic conditions.
  • Special page with form interface to <subpagelist> (Special:TemplatedPageList)
  • {{#getsection|Title|section number}} parser function for extracting page sections by number.
  • Automatic AJAX display of subpages everywhere.


  • Support «materialization» of lists in the DB, enable caching and support correct refreshing of parser cache by saving dependencies into database.

Automatic subpage listing

TemplatedPageList can add a simple link to each page, and when clicked, this link displays list of all subpages of current page.

$egSubpagelistAjaxNamespaces = array(NS_MAIN => true); setting enables this on namespaces specified.

$egSubpagelistAjaxDisableRE = "regexp"; is a regexp disables this on pages whose title match it.


If you want to include first section of page, use the following instruction:


<subpagelist> syntax

Syntax is backwards compatible with Wikimedia’s DynamicPageList syntax, except for 'firstcategorydate' related stuff. The text inside <subpagelist> is preprocessed, so you can use templates, magic words and parser functions inside it. Options are specified one per line.

Open the tag or parser function

<templatedpagelist> (you can also use one of <subpagelist>, <DynamicPageList> or <subpages> for compatibility)



Page selection

namespace = Main|Talk|…
Restrict list to some namespaces
category = A|B|C
category = D|E
Restrict page list to pages which are in one of these categories. This option may be specified multiple times, following occurrences will be appended as a conjunction, i.e., the resulting expression will be (A or B or C) & (D or E). This is compatible with Wikimedia’s DynamicPageList syntax, but allows more complex queries.
subcategory = F|G
Like previous, but recursively including all subcategories of F and G.
notcategory = A
Exclude pages which are in category A.
notsubcategory = B
Exclude pages from category B and all its subcategories.
parent = P
Restrict listing to subpages of P.
prefix = P
Restrict listing to pages whose title starts with P. I.e. parent=P is equivalent to prefix=P/.
level = L or MIN..MAX
Set wanted subpage nesting levels (i.e. number of '/' in title) it must be equal to L or be within MIN..MAX.
deepness = D or MIN..MAX
Set wanted subpage nesting levels, relative to parent.
ignore = L1|L2|…
Ignore pages which match L1 or L2 or … LIKE patterns:
  • '\_' and ' ' match single space.
  • '_' matches any single character.
  • '%' matches any substring.
  • '\%' matches single '%' character.
redirect = yes|no
restring listing to redirect or non-redirect pages.


order|ordermethod = Y1 [asc|desc],Y2 [asc|desc],…
Sort pages by Y1,Y2,…, asc|desc can be specified right after Yi, each Yi is one of:
  • title|fullpagename
  • titlewithoutnamespace|pagename
  • lastedit
  • user
  • creation|firstedit
  • length|size
  • popularity|pagecounter
order = ASC or DESC
Ascending or descending sort order for all Yi (compatibility)
count|limit = N
Show at most N pages
offset = M
Skip first M pages


showtotal = yes|no
Show (or not) total count of found pages. Don't show by default.
output = simple|column|template
Select output method.
  • Simple is just a bullet-list with page titles and links.
  • Column is a 3-column grouped view, just as on MediaWiki category pages.
  • Templated view uses template for display. See 'template' option.
template = X
Use template:X for output. The template will be preprocessed just like when included into listed article. I.e. all standard MediaWiki magic variables ({{PAGENAME}} {{REVISIONDAY}} etc) will generate values corresponding to listed articles. Additionally, the following parameters are passed to this template:
list index, beginning at 0
list index, beginning at 1
is {{{number}}} odd? (1 or 0)
N is namespace index, value is 1
full title
title relative to parent specified in options
suppresserrors|noerrors|silent = true
Suppress errors.

Close tag / PF





You just need to add the following to LocalSettings.php:

require_once "$IP/extensions/TemplatedPageList/TemplatedPageList.php";