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WikiBookmarks is a MediaWiki extension.

Status for Mediawiki4Intranet distribution:

  • Inclusion date: 2009-12-03
  • Included version: newest available
  • Improvement status: Created by MediaWiki4Intranet project


WikiBookmarks is a MediaWiki extension which lets you to manage shared bookmark lists inside a Wiki article. The extension is written by Vitaliy Filippov and is distributed under the terms of GNU GPL license version 3 or later. Also, here is a link to extension homepage.

You always can find a fresh version of the WikiBookmarks documentation on the Special:Bookmarks page. Actually, you've already found it :-).

WikiBookmarks are used in the form of a tiny bookmarklet (what is a bookmarklet?). To install such a bookmarklet in your browser, you need to enter the title of Wiki Article which you want to maintain as your bookmark list, click Make bookmarklet and drag-and-drop displayed link onto your browser's panel or add it into your browser's bookmarks.

<label for="wb_page"></html>Article title:

When you click the newly added button when viewing some interesting Web page, '''WikiBookmarks''' will remember current page's URL, title and selected text (if any), on MediaWiki article you selected for bookmarks. The new bookmarks are added into beginning of an article, under certain count of headings. By default the first-level headings are named '''== Year ==''' and the second-level headings are named '''=== Month Year ===''' ("%Y" "%B %Y"). This meant to be used for bookmark classification by date. If you want to change heading count and/or heading date format, you must add a line similar to the following one into the beginning of your bookmarks article:
'''WikiBookmarks''' extracts all present quoted strings from such a comment and use them as the date dependent headings. The format of formatting strings is the same as in PHP function [ strftime()] (as you know, actually it's libc's, but it doesn't matter). You also have the option of changing format of the date-time string appended to list item before each bookmark. To do this, you must add a line similar to the following one into the beginning of your bookmarks article:
If such a comment is present, '''WikiBookmarks''' will take the quoted string from it and use it as date and time format. [[Category:Help]]




Add the following into your LocalSettings.php:

require_once "$IP/extensions/WikiBookmarks/WikiBookmarks.php";
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