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about me

I'm interested in Wikilog.

I'm running the "old" Wikilog since 2009 in Mediawiki 1.19.x (which will be maintained until 2015).

And after upgrading my MW: I might try this "new" Wikilog.

other things


of peaking into
learning status
(some call them users)
all learning resources
(some call them
total pages
learning resources
(some call them articles)
learning resources
(some call them files)
more visible learners who
should help other learners
steps in learning
(some call them total edits)
total views medium info which enables learning
(aka: software version
of Mediawiki)
2014-Jul-11, 13:28 (UTC) 2,963 1,544 315 443 4 6,655 1,188,965 1.21.10
2022-Jan-21, 23:11 (UTC) 3,143 1,850 334 484 4 7,478 1.26.4